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Marine Hilocopter#1 at take off MR2
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Captains Gig 1952 - Photo by Tom Nelson
Captain's GIG - 1952
Dave Smith MM1 Underway aboard the USS Donner LSD 20, Spring 1953.
Dave Smith MM1 - Underway Spring, 1953.
View from the "Focsul" forecastle deck as the Donner proceeded up the fjord toward Narsarssauk, Greenland.
Icebreaker Westwind 1953/54 passing Mt. Dumas Thule, Greenland.
Icebreaker Westwind passing Mt. Dumas, Thule Greenland, 1953. 
Photo's courtesy of Dave Smith, MM1.
US Navy Seal
Warrant Ofcr. Electrician Goodman
Warrant Electrician Goodman 1950's
View from the starboard LCVP deck.
P.O.D., News Release & Photos courtesy of Tom Nelson, Founder USS Donner Memorial Association.
Photo courtesy of Ron Luxon, MM3
Photo courtesy of Cmdr. M. V. Cornetta

23 October 1952
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22 March 1954
USS  Donner News Release
Photo courtesy of Cmdr. M. V. Cornetta, USN Ret.
USS Donner LSD 20 sails to

Greenland 1952/53
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