Ship's Company aboard the USS Donner LSD 20
Up Close - Ship's Company TODAY and in those sailor days many years ago!
Tom Evans and Donner shipmate - 1948
Devere Boul MMC circa WWII  - oldest living Donner shipmate.
Devere Boul MMC USN ret.
1913 - 2011
Devere served on the:
USS Catlin AP19 [Coal Burner], USS Tarzad AF 13,  USS Louisville CA38
and our own USS Donner LSD20.
(Photo taken in WWII)
Devere Boul July 9, 1913 to April 27, 2011
Don Baker 1945-46 (The one with all the hair!)
1945-46 Photographs courtesy of Ron Huch QM 3/c

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White Hats Thomas, Huch, Hannigan, Foster, Guptil, Baker
Ed Anderson, IL - Spradling, TN - Radio Guy?
1945-46 Photographs courtesy of Ron Huch QM 3/c
Fair Winds and Following Seas
? Shipmates
Don Davis
January 1945-January 1948
(pictured identifed by his son Mike Davis)
Under the hat: Harman Guptil..
[l-r standing] ? - ? - Bill Thomas - ? - Hannigan, MA - Chas Foster,  PA - ? - Baker, Iowa
[front] Ron Huch & H. Guptil?
I’m the guy who had “Flags” the female dog aboard ship in 1945 and 1946.  Eddie Anderson
(l-r) Eddie Anderson, Flags, Bill Thomas Photgraphed by Ron Huch QM3/c
(center) Eddie Anderson & Flags,  Photgraphed by Ron Huch QM3/c
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Special Crew Memories (1945 - 48) photographs provided by Thomas Perka Jr.
Thomas J Perka USS Donner LSD 20 1945
Photo of Don Davis, courtesy of his son Mike Davis
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Don Davis