Space Capsule MR2 - aboard USS Donner LSD 20  - 1961
Ship's Company aboard the USS Donner LSD 20
Jan., 1961 History is made by the USS Donner LSD 20 recovery of Chimpanzee HAM and NASA space capsule MR2.
Up Close - Ship's Company TODAY and in those sailor days many years ago!
Ron Luxon, MM3 May '62 Port Side 02 level
Ron Luxon, MM3 May '62 Port Side 02 Level
Ray Burghart MM; "Woodie" Woodward MM; Unknown visitor; Melvin Sodders MM
Bob Geiger MM; Ed Pozdale MM and Ray Burghart MM.
1955-56 MM's (L-R) Ray Burghart,
"Woodie" Woodward, Unknown Visitor,
Melvin Sodders (deceased)
1955-56 Bob Geiger MM; Ed Pozdale MM and Ray Burghart MM.
Photos Courtesy of  Dave Smith / Ray Burghart.
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1961 Shellbacks - BT's Vic Dichiro (Front), Mazzella (Left) & MMFN Reed (Right).
1961 [L-R] Bob Fruge, Fred Nadolski & "Mac" Macilliam [foreground] port flight deck next to Captain's Gig.
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1961  Perkins (left) heading to the  Donner // Bob & Barb Perkins - 2009
Photos Courtesy of Robert G. Perkins R Division.
Photo Courtesy of Vic "Chico" DiChiro BT3
Liberty Launch to Athens, Greece - 1960
Jerry Tesar (port side, second from bottom)
Solant Amity Cruise - 1961
L-R Front Row:
LT R.L. Hill (Operations), LCDR George Irish (XO), CDR Martin Cornetta (CO), Ensign Tom Ciccone (Disbursing), Ensign Terry McClosky (Communications)
Second Row:
LT Jerry Saucier (1st LT), LTJG Goslin (Engineering), LT Pete Hanneman (Chief Engineer), LTJG Lynn Giddeon (1st Div. Officer)
Photo supplied by CDR R. L. Hill, 1961-63
(some pictured are not named)

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M. Stefanidis & J. Salmonese Cuba 1969
J. Gazdowicz, R. Outwater, M. Stefanidis
                Med Cruise 1969
Mike Stefanidis Med Cruise 1969