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Former Ships of the US Navy
USS Ashland LSD 1/48 
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USS Whetstone LSD 27
USS Hermitage LSD 34 - SoLantAmity 1960
ExDonner (USS Donner) LSD 20 departing her berth  in the James River Reserve Fleet Ft. Eustis, VA. bound for scrapping Brownsville, TX
November 15, 2004
USS Donner LSD 20 
Ship's Plaque 1950's 
Courtesy of Al Halfrey
24 Hour Clock
From about 1944 untill about summer 1956 it was mounted to the bulkhead in the Engineering Office on the USS DONNER LSD20....  Al Halfrey, MM3
Last Voyage 

Photo by Fred Hoffmann/James River Reserve Fleet, MARAD 
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USS Fort Marion LSD 22
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